Got Questions?

If you’re thinking about remodeling your kitchen or bath there are three things that are important to consider. The people, the products, and the process. It is those 3 areas that are going to determine whether or not you have a positive experience throughout your renovation.

Let’s take a look at some questions we hear from potential clients as they relate to our people, our products, and our processes:

Are You An AZ Registered Contractor ?

Yes! West Valley Kitchen & Bath Inc. is a registered contractor. ROC# 329928

What is the most important difference between West Valley Kitchen & Bath and some of the other quality contractors in the area?
At West Valley Kitchen & Bath, we provide you the opportunity to visit our Sun City Grand showroom and see the design and quality that goes into our work.

What distinguishes us from most of the other reputable contractors in the Valley is our ability to provide an on-staff designer that really understands and relates well to our clients. As a hands-on owner, Kim sweats the details so you don’t have to. You will not find a designer who cares more about your project than Kim.

Why should I not hire a carpenter or tile installer to save money?
Besides incorporating the elements of design into our projects, we also utilize a project management approach to all of our kitchen and bath remodels. This means that we work with you personally in an organized matter to make your vision come true.

With 26 years of construction experience, David has found that, while many craftsmen are skilled within their area of expertise, the overall outcome of the project often fails to meet the client’s expectations once the dust has settled.

How important is it to have a professionally drawn set of plans prior to starting our project?
In today’s environment having a working set of plans is critical to the success of your project. While many contractors will simply tell you what they are going to do, West Valley Kitchen & Bath will actually show you and provides you with the opportunity to visit our Sun City Grand showroom and experience firsthand the potential of your remodel.

Utilizing Bryce as an on-staff CAD drafter allows us to bring everybody’s ideas together and convert them into a beautiful, state of the art CAD drawings. His skills allow us to provide multiple configurations and options for our clients in both kitchens and baths.

What kind of timeframe are we looking at to have stock cabinets installed?
Our primary stock cabinet line has a huge warehouse in Phoenix. This allows us to have the cabinets delivered to your home within 2-3 weeks of placing the order. After delivery, the full kitchen remodel takes about 4 weeks to complete.
If I want to keep my countertop, do you offer cabinet resurfacing?
We work with some of the finest cabinet refacers in the state. With solid wood facing material and custom-built doors, we can provide the products that will last you a lifetime.
What are some of the practical benefits to updating our showers?
Besides the beauty of a new shower, there are 2 main practical advantages to consider when deciding to make an investment in your bathroom. Ease of use, and the ability to keep the shower clean. Every time we have replaced one of those cramped builder-grade showers with a larger, updated version our clients have loved it.
How long does it take to replace my existing shower?
After we have the materials on hand, it takes about 10 days from start to finish.
Do I personally need to line up any of the subcontractors such as plumbers, electricians or installers?

No, we take care of all of it for you! One of the great things about West Valley Kitchen & Bath is that we provide the complete package. From the initial design to the finished painting, we do it all.

How can I be sure my project comes in on-budget?

We spend a lot of time on the front side of the project, working with you and our team, to make sure we eliminate as many surprises as possible when it comes to keeping the budget in line. By the time we order your products, everything has gone through design, estimating, and project management.

Having a hard time making a decision? Visit us at our Sun City Grand showroom and get a hands-on feel for the materials and appliances that can go into your remodel.