If you are preparing to remodel your kitchen, now is the perfect opportunity to rethink your space and change your kitchen layout. Many times moving the plumbing and electrical is easier than you think. Serving as the hub of your home, your kitchen is one of the most used spaces in your house. By changing your kitchen layout, you can prioritize elements that would serve you better such as a new counter or moving your stovetop into a more convenient place.

Meeting with a professional can give you a better perspective of the changes you need to make to your home. There are many things that go into a kitchen remodel that most people never consider such as placement of the countertops and appliances. When hiring a professional to get the job done right, it is their job to assist your design based on your needs and what would work best for your space.

When your kitchen is fully functional and designed professionally, you should rarely have to move far from your work area to get what you need. A professional custom designer will be able to assess your needs and work with you to design your kitchen accordingly. If you cook a lot, the placement of elements around the workspace in your kitchen becomes increasingly important. If you like to host social gatherings or have children who like to do homework in the kitchen, the placement of countertops and islands becomes a higher priority. A true professional will be able to learn what design will best suit you and your family.

At West Valley Kitchen & Bath we take your project one step above the rest with our ability to provide realistic renderings for all of our remodeling projects. These renderings allow you to see what you are getting to make sure you are certain about the design before we start tearing things apart. In addition to the renderings, we also spend a good deal of time engineering our projects by creating AutoCad drawings. These AutoCAD drawings allow us to catch many of the mechanical and structural issues before we start your project. Your new space should bring you some relief and comfort, so we try to provide you with that throughout the process of your remodel.

When hiring West Valley Kitchen & Bath to do your remodel you are hiring a company that is unique compared to most other contractors in the area. We are not a traditional construction company. What sets us apart is that we are mainly a design firm that specializes in interior remodeling. When creating and working on our projects, we don’t simply add design to what we do, design is at the forefront of everything that happens with us. All of our kitchens, bathrooms and whole home remodels are custom designs. We will work with you to give you a custom design that is not only nice to look at but is a joy for you to experience every day.